250g Chocolate Spread

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250g Chocolate Spread

 Vision Integrel produces the Chocolate spread by taking the best organic cacao beans that have been fermented and dried under the sun, and separated from their shells. The fermentation process is to remove the fleshy, fruity pulp that surrounds the beans; the fatty beans, themselves, do not ferment. Grinding the processed
organic beans releases the smooth, thick chocolate spread from the headquater

What are the benefits of  our Chocolate spread from Cacao Powder?

 Vision Integrel Chocolate Spread, also known as ‘Pate a tartiner’ is a smooth, thick, liquid form of cacao powder. It is the purest form of chocolate, produced by grinding
cacao beans.
Chocolate spread contains at least 50% cacao powder. When it is cooled and molded into blocks, chocolate spread is known sweetened baking chocolate.

Best for cakes

 Vision Integrel utilises the chocolate spread as the base for breads, brownies, cookies and candy bars. Chocolate spread in its most familiar form is made by mixing chocolate with (more) cocoa butter or cocoa, sugar, soy lecithin and, often, milk. Our cacao to cacao butter ratio determines the darkness and flavor intensity of the chocolate being produced. As with dark chocolate, the higher the cacao content, the darker and richer the flavor. The higher the cacao butter and less but not milk
content, the lighter the colour and creamier the texture of the resulting chocolate.

Where is our Chocolate spread Sourced From?

Vision Integrel Chocolate spread is obtained directly from the transformation of its organic cacao beans from its land in  Cameroon, renowned for the special aroma of their Cacao Beans.

Support Local Farming Communities
Cacao has been a part of Cameroonian history ever since, serving as a vital source of income for small farmers in the village.  The production of Cacao allows Cameroonian farmers and their communities to better preserve their environment, whilst providing a valuable source of income, improving standards of living of their love ones.

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