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Welcome to Vision Integrel,

We are a Cocoa supplier and processing company base in the UK and looking to expand further throughout Europe and abroad. We are a company which without a doubt offers the best cocoa product such as:

and any related product in nationally and internationally. We’ve been into this business for some years, and we can honourably say that our specialists have not only a lot of experience but also an excellent reputation worldwide.
Vision Integrel was established and desires to create an alternate choice way to health and fitness. We believe that the secrets to health, energy and longer life are found in nature through diet and nutrition. We are working to nourish the world with the best organic cacao/cocoa products, and we are bringing together people, ideas, and resources to
deliver products, and ways of operating that build successful businesses and communities.

Vision Integrel

About Vision Integrel

Vision Integrel produces and transforms organic and natural cocoa beans into cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and cocoa liquor nationally and internationally. To keep up with the demand on a global scale, Vision Integrel Ltd has put in place a grinding process facility.

Grinding began in 2015, and the company will be transforming at least 75% of its production line from organic cocoa beans obtained of its terrains into products such as blocked cocoa butter, cocoa powders, blended cocoa powders and blocked cocoa liquors. The remaining 25% of organic cocoa beans will be traded nationally or internationally depending on the demand.

Why Us?

Vision Integrel products are made from organic cocoa beans (“cacao”) of its land in Cameroon. We promote healthy living through good nourishment. We transform, manufacture and produce the best cocoa possible through simplicity, originality, and reliability. We care, inspire and dare, using business as a motor for change which is socially and environmentally responsible

Vision Integrel was established and desire to create an alternate choice way to health and fitness. We believe that the secrets to health, energy and longer life are found in nature through diet and nutrition. Building upon the wisdom of traditional and modern natural healing methods from all over the world, we are here to produce nourishing product that help people heal and rejuvenate naturally.

We take pride in offering our customers fresh and flavorful good quality products that have been inspired by different traditions from around the world. We offer a healthy range of awesomeness such as dried organic cacao powder, organic cacao beans, Organic Dried Cacao Nibs, Organic, Raw Cacao Beans. All our products are certified organic and natural; all of which are free from compromise.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make positive and necessary changes in the corporate Environment and Western consumer culture. We are building natural and transparent relationships with our customers and planning to develop a much more environmentally friendly world, in which life can flourish today and for years to come.

Our Mission

At Vision Integrel , we are in a pursuit to help you discover the taste, energy and longevity power within you. We are dedicated to serving our customers and our farmers, but also Nature itself. We do this together with various charitable, environmentally friendly and humanitarian projects.

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